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Electric Actuator
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rotary valve actuators

rotary valve actuators
Attachable Valve

Rotary type valve

Operating Temperature

(Option -40C~200C)


IS05211, DIN3337,
Namur standard

Operation Mode


Rotating Angle

      -10 (-30 Option)

Operating Mechanism

Double acting/Spring return
(Spring unit: 2~12)

Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

(Rotary valve actuators)

The Alohan R-FORCE pneumatic actuator is designed using Rack & Pinion technology.
Rack & Pinion is well known to all users as the most compact and reliable actuator.
The latest manufacturing technologies have been operated in order to supply a high quality and cycle-life on R-FORCE. Our extensive inventory & engineering capabilities allow us to provide reliable and safety product to our customer with satisfaction.